Trinity Baptist Church Core Values

Trinity Baptist Church Core Values

Trinity Baptist Church has nine core values that drive us as a church. These values are our principles. Although approach and methods may change over time, we expect these ideas to remain at the heart of who we are.

Biblical Foundation

We will keep the Word of God central in all we are and do. Without it we have no foundation. We are unapologetically committed to preach, practice, protect and pursue the revelation of God in scripture as our ultimate guide.

The Importance of Family

We will seek to see Christian marriages maintained and strengthened in being the beautiful, God intended allegory of Christ’s relationship with the church. We will support those seeking to honor God through their families by pursuing godly marriages and parenting.

All-world Missions

We will do our part in reaching all people groups in which God provides opportunity. We are committed to the preaching and living of the gospel to those both within our immediate community as well as across the globe.

Critical Intentional Fellowship

We will be intentional about the support of one another in the common pursuit of maturing as followers of Christ through social and spiritual connection – recognizing this as critical to Christian development and a practical need created by God.

Empowering Prayer

We will keep prayer at the forefront of our ministry as the powerful, God ordained tool for the accomplishment of spiritual work for His kingdom. We will seek the will of the Lord, as well as provision to accomplish His will unashamedly through prayer.

Grateful Abundant Giving

We will be abundant, cheerful givers, enamored by the privilege to give back to God who has blessed us with the inexpressible gift of His Son, Jesus. Recognizing, all that we have belongs to Him and as His blessed children, it is our joyous responsibility to be a part of His work.

Innovative Culture

We desire to be a ministry that maintains cultural relevance, creativity and is intentional about seeking ways to promote the gospel message of Jesus without compromise of the truth. We desire not to keep anything sacred that does not have biblical precedence if it hinders the advancement of the gospel.

Reverent Authentic Worship

We desire to be a house of worship where believers are free to make reverent and authentic expressions of worship that attribute value to God. We reject the notion that worship is about singular styles or preferences, but it is the outflow of genuine relationship with God and an understanding of who He is communicated through His Word.

Ministry Cooperation

We desire to seek opportunities to work together, internally first as a unified, mobilized congregation, actively bringing to bear gifts of the Holy Spirit. We also desire to pursue external partnerships with members of the greater body of Christ, in the service and mission of our Savior.

As we consider, how God has made us for His expressed purpose, we commit to keeping these ideas at the foundation of our ministry in order that Jesus is exalted, proclaimed and our Father in Heaven is glorified.